Ming Yao Lan Wan

With a doctorate in computer science and research background for a Fortune 500 company, Ming Wan from Sammamish, Washington, understood the importance of having clinically proven science behind a product’s claims. So when she and her husband, Lan Yao, were introduced to Nu Skin and its high quality anti-aging products in 2002, they were instantly attracted to the opportunity, especially since the company was expanding into China. They wasted no time in setting a goal to reach Blue Diamond, which spurred them on a path of action.


The ageLOC “wave” inspired them to use the power behind these products to expand their business. They’d heard many success stories from their upline and knew the same rewards were possible for them. In addition, their downline’s quick growth gave them the confidence to unite their top leaders so they could create a world-class team while selling high quality products to customers. Today, they help their team members set goals and work out solutions for reaching those goals. They drive their lines deeper and deeper by promoting teamwork and integrity, and align their team with Nu Skin corporate strategy and culture, always putting their team members’ goals ahead of their own.


Ming and Lan tell anyone who is interested in following in their steps to “never give up.” They treasure the financial freedom and lifestyle Nu Skin has given them, and take to heart Blake Roney’s advice to all distributors: “Sponsor people who are honest and have integrity.” As they continue to build their business and reach new goals of their own, Ming and Lan lead by example and try to serve as strong role models. They purchase VitaMeal every month to support the Nourish the Children initiative, and they promote the Nu Skin force for good culture in all of their meetings.