Lin Xie

When Lin Xie from Dunwoody, Georgia, started her Nu Skin business, she was the mother of two girls ages five and two. She’d also been a top real estate agent in the Atlanta area for more 10 years. She saw Nu Skin as an opportunity to increase her income— her initial “why” for starting a business. It didn’t take her long to realize that the products were so beneficial that she just couldn’t stop sharing them with everyone she met. When she reached the level of Ruby, she knew she’d found a powerful business model that she needed to take seriously. She says, reaching Ruby was her “turning point,” an accomplishment that propelled her toward Blue Diamond and eventually on to Team Elite Executive.


For Lin Xie, the biggest part of her Nu Skin success is the personal growth she has experienced, as well as the many friends she has made over the years. She believes teamwork makes all the difference, and works hard to build a team culture within her organization. When challenges have occurred, she has sought help from others, learned all she could, and kept herself busy by working through the problem at hand. When it comes to how Nu Skin has changed her life, she says she has become a more loving person and a better mom, plus she enjoys a more attractive, younger-looking appearance, thanks to Nu Skin products.


As Lin Xie continues to build her business, she knows that her “why” today is much different than when she began her Nu Skin career. “Nu Skin makes your life meaningful,” she says. “It is not about yourself anymore, it is about how many people’s lives you have touched.” Lin Xie touches lives every day by serving as a Nourish the Children Ambassador, an action she encourages everyone on her team to duplicate.