John & Chizuko Kim

John Kim was a businessman and father of three children when he was introduced to Nu Skin. He was impressed with the quality of the products, a factor that helped him acquire and keep customers. “An honest product makes its customer happy and reasonable prices promote repeated purchases,” he says. He was very happy when he reached Executive, and he even framed his commission check to remind him of the success he was experiencing. He also realized that in Nu Skin, everyone is important. “Uplines are like parents, downlines are like children and sidelines are like siblings,” he says. And success is generated when everybody cooperates and supports one another.


John believes his conviction to his goals and positive attitude helped him build his team, and that he knew without a doubt that he would be successful when he saw the honesty displayed by company management, the employees’ friendliness, the great products and the timing. In addition to giving him time and financial freedom, John feels Nu Skin has taught him that anyone who works diligently and honestly can live well. And for him, belief in his ability to succeed was the critical factor that enabled him to reach his goals.