Ken & Yvette Graham

When you put an opportunity like Nu Skin before a determined couple like Yvette and Ken Graham from Ontario, Canada, fireworks are bound to happen. Hard work as a team and new Team Elite Executives are created. It was Yvette who decided to start NuSkin with part time support from her husband Ken.  They were looking for a better financial future, and more  control over their lives.


At the time Ken was working many hours building his own three businesses, often spending long stretches of time in Asia. After listening to a Nu Skin presentation, Yvette and Ken knew this might be the opportunity that would give them both time and financial freedom. When the Grahams attended their first convention in Salt Lake and saw the vision and integrity of the company and its founders up close. They knew they had found the perfect business.


The Grahams feel the best thing they’ve learned is “to dream again the impossible dream” and then work patiently for long periods to achieve it. Showing honesty, integrity and dedication is paramount to success for this couple. They also stress that people must persist beyond normal bounds and keep going when everyone tells them to quit.


Ken and Yvette are grateful for the income their Nu Skin business provides them and the fact they can travel with their sons and their families all over the world. They are also delighted that they can leave a legacy to their two sons. However, they feel the most important aspect of Nu Skin is Nourish the Children. Nourish the Children is a for profit initiative of Nu Skin that allows distributors and customers to purchase a nutritious food product called VitaMeal, and then donate this product to third party charities. Ken and Yvette support this initiative financially and promote it at every meeting and every training they hold. “I was fortunate enough to go to Malawi and see the children we feed there every day,” says Yvette. “It was a life-changing experience and has influenced how I do this business.”