Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson from Palm Desert, California, was born into a medical family who taught that she could do or be anything she dreamed. She first made her mark in the professional world by climbing the corporate ladder of two Fortune 100 companies. Mergers and acquisitions forced her out of the corporate arena, and she vowed to find an entrepreneurial endeavor that would give her control over her destiny. She and her late husband, Bill Curtain, found this in Nu Skin. They were both able to leave their careers to devote full-time efforts toward building a successful Nu Skin business.


With each new title they achieved, Karen’s confidence in the company and the opportunity grew, convincing her that she’d found a permanent home. She received daily inspiration from her team members, and today, as a Team Elite Executive, she believes it’s important to “walk the talk.” She’s a shining example of product usage, attendance at all events and, most of all, striving to represent Nu Skin with honesty and integrity. Karen feels her life has been blessed in many ways, thanks to Nu Skin, but she especially treasures the close friendships she has with corporate leaders—people who were always there for her in challenging times.


As Karen continues to build her business, she always asks a lot of questions when talking with someone about Nu Skin. She believes you build bridges of trust when you take the time to really know a person and their dreams. She is always looking for people who make and keep their word and their commitments—key characteristics she feels a leader must possess. As an NTC Ambassador, Karen also makes the Nourish the Children initiative an important part of her first conversation with prospects. “To me, this is the greatest cause there is,” she says.