John McLelland

John McLelland from Mesa, Arizona, began his career by seeking the best paying job he could find. He started in sales—first with specialty foods and then as a rep for the world’s leading orthopedic implant and device company. His success in this industry led to owning his own highly successful distributorship. After 19 years, he re-evaluated his life and realized he was missing the lifestyle he wanted. He walked away from a successful business to become a Nu Skin distributor because he wanted a new challenge, to mentor people, to build globally, to have no earning restrictions, to go at his own pace … and to leave a legacy.


John’s plan was to learn from the best, then take that knowledge and blend it with his own style. “This cobranding of you and the company makes it the ultimate entrepreneurial experience,” he says. For John, his goal-setting never stops, and he believes “the journey is the reward.”  Enjoying what he does every day is also important. Our business model can provide the ultimate lifestyle for those who are willing to work hard.


John builds by asking questions so he can understand the meaningful aspects of a person’s life. And he loves those he calls “rehab cases”—people who need a second chance in life. And when adversity strikes, he advises people to focus on helping someone else because then the problem will go away. John says Nu Skin has changed his life in many ways, and he can’t imagine living without the products and the business. He’s worked in 27 countries and made many friends sharing Nu Skin with others. “It is all about using this great vehicle we call Nu Skin to positively change the lives of as many people as possible while we are here on earth,” he believes.