John & Giselle Sexsmith

Teamwork is one of the keys to John and Giselle Sexsmith’s incredible journey as Nu Skin distributors. “Everything great Giselle and I have ever achieved in life has been a team effort,” explains John. He grew up in Canada and Giselle is from Puerto Rico, and neither had any special training or education. They thought they were doing a “pretty good job” of pursuing the American dream prior to joining Nu Skin. They both agree that it is far more painful to live life wondering what “could have been” versus going out and paying the price to be successful through their own efforts.


As John and Giselle built their business, they found they could live their values and make a contribution each step of the way. Through their upline, downline, and sideline they were able to create strategic alliances that allowed them to reach the top as they developed a rewarding network of leaders and producers. They believe strongly in “teaching yourself to be you” and taking action that will build others up, which in turn helps build yourself up.


For John and Giselle, the secret to success is simply to do. “Entrepreneurs are doers; they do not sit on the sidelines as spectators,” says John. The Sexsmiths agree that everyone they meet has the potential to accomplish whatever he or she wishes. Once a person focuses on specific results, takes massive action, and maintains a burning desire to succeed while duplicating honesty, sincerity, and integrity, “the sky is the limit,” says John. “Entrepreneurs know where they are going and have a plan for reaching their destination.”


The Sexsmiths now live life to its fullest with financial freedom. They continue to help others build successful businesses of their own as they strive every day to make a difference in people’s lives.