Jeffrey Lee

Jeffrey Lee from Florida had no doubts about why he wanted to join Nu Skin. He was an attorney, had owned a franchise, and was fully invested in a start-up company as well as the stock market when the economy crashed between 1987 and 1990. He lost everything, including his home. Broke and in debt, he realized if he depended on his income as an attorney he would remain on a financial treadmill. An entrepreneurial friend recommended network marketing, which would allow Jeffrey to create the financial freedom he was seeking.  He joined Nu Skin in 1990 at the age of 30, determined to reach Blue Diamond as soon as possible.


Jeffrey says fear was the motivating factor when he began his Nu Skin business. He was in debt, he was afraid of failing, he knew nothing about skin care, he worried about what others would think, he was a shy loner, and he knew very few people—he had only 18 people on his initial contact list. “The way I motivated myself was to realize that real opportunity presents itself perhaps only once or twice in a lifetime,” he says. “The fear of missing the boat really motivated me.”


After reaching his initial financial and time freedom goals, Jeffrey took some time off from his business. In 2007 he discovered he was bored with his leisurely life. He wanted to move from “success to significance” and help others improve their lives. When the economy crashed again about this same time, Jeffrey knew people would be looking for supplemental income. He wanted to guide and coach them to financial freedom, so he took action once again.


Thanks to Nu Skin, Jeffrey can now live life on his terms, and he gives back to society by proudly serving as a Nourish the Children Chief Ambassador.