Jed Knight & Charley Patterson

Charley Patterson and Jed Knight are business partners who know how to take action. In their youth, both wanted to become physicians, but later changed career paths on their journey toward launching a Nu Skin business. After graduating from the University of Oregon, Charley found success as a professional wakeboarder. Jed worked in sales and later became the owner of a motorcycle shop. However, both eventually realized these careers could not give them the lifestyle they desired.


Charley created a name for himself, as well as sizeable income, from his professional wakeboarding. But when he lost his investments due to the economy at age 31, he knew Nu Skin held the potential to give him both the lifestyle and the income he wanted. “I made the decision to retire from wakeboarding and go full-time with Nu Skin in May, 2004,” he explains. “Nu Skin felt like a rocket ship, and wakeboarding was a sinking ship. I knew it was time to engage in the next chapter of my life.”


Jed put in long hours at his motorcycle shop, so his initial “why” for choosing Nu Skin was to have more time with his wife and children. “I didn’t own my shop, it owned me,” he says. With Nu Skin, he was inspired by watching others reach their goals. “Nu Skin allows me to live life wide-open, full throttle,” he says. As he continues to build his business, he helps new distributors develop their “why” so they will remain motivated. “When they get that spark, they see the light and I sit down and ask who they want to work,” he says. “That’s when the fun begins.”


Both men treasure the lifestyle Nu Skin has given them today and both give back regularly by purchasing and donating VitaMeal through Nu Skin’s Nourish the Children initiative.