Steve & Connie Chien

Connie and Steve Chien from Plano, Texas, had a successful real estate business for seven years. They also worked in the corporate world, specializing in information science and accounting for 14 years. However, the potential to enjoy both financial and time freedom really appealed to them, convincing them to become Nu Skin distributors. Thanks to their hard work, they no longer have to start at zero each year to earn significant income or work 18 hours a day with no free weekends.


In the beginning, the Chiens set financial goals and engaged in “a lot of positive action.” They always had their sights set on reaching Team Elite Executive status—an accomplishment they have consistently enjoyed for more than 16 years. To continue to grow their organization and help their team members enjoy similar success, the Chiens help new distributors set individual goals and work step-by-step with them to sell the product to the customers and help build their own organization three executive levels deep. During this process, Connie and Steve lead by example and demonstrate proven business building techniques.


Connie and Steve know that every business faces obstacles, but they believe how you handle adversity is key. “We stay focused by believing in ourselves,” they say. “We also believe in Nu Skin as a company, and we believe in the products.” This belief system was thoroughly instilled in them when they attended their first Nu Skin convention in 1989. At this event, they realized they could reach their goals, and since then have enjoyed great success as Team Elite Executives, an achievement that has broadened their vision of the world. The Chiens continue to change lives today by consistently taking positive action, “keeping the faith in Nu Skin,” and acting as a force for good as they share the company with everyone they meet.