Blake & Carol Tillotson

Before becoming Nu Skin distributors, Blake Tillotson was working as an electrical engineer and Carol was finishing her business degree while they raised their three young children. They had been watching Blake’s family as they started Nu Skin, and had been contemplating getting involved but felt they had their hands full. Five years later they decided to “get their feet wet” and enrolled as distributors. Their group grew rapidly and required a great deal of attention and work, but the Tillotsons soon realized the time they spent growing their team was well worth it and taking their lives in a different direction—a path they never dreamed was possible. “We were motivated by our downline,” says Carol.


Thanks to Nu Skin, Blake and Carol have gained both financial and time freedom along with the ability to choose their lifestyle. They were able to be “hands on” raising their children and to focus on those things that mattered most to them as a family. One of those things was helping their children attend the colleges of their choice. Blake and Carol are grateful to all those who helped them, and advise distributors to live conservatively to weather the ups and downs as they work toward reaching their goals.