Tom & Ann Houghteling

When Tom Houghteling from Dallas, Texas, was introduced to Nu Skin, the concept of leveraging his time and effort by building an organization, made all the sense in the world to him. He had worked for 19 years in the nonprofit sector, and saw Nu Skin as a way to build a more secure financial future for his family. For two weeks, his wife, Ann, who had a very successful career in insurance, “watched and learned” as Tom began their Nu Skin business, and then she left her job to join him full-time.


Tom and Ann think of their Nu Skin business as one large family. They especially enjoy watching people in their organization reach new goals and gain success. They advise those just starting their businesses to have consistency, focus, and take action if they want to fulfill their vision of success. The Houghtelings have been supported and guided by many over the years, but they say two leaders who’ve given them the most direction, don’t even benefit financially from the Houghtelings’ business—proof to Tom and Ann that Nu Skin leadership is based on unsurpassed trust and integrity.


When it comes to leading a team, Ann and Tom believe if you know who you are and what you can do, you will lead. “To be successful you have to convince your followers, not yourself or your superiors, that you are worthy of being followed,” the Houghtelings say. They believe that until you help others achieve their dreams and goals, you won’t achieve your own.


Today, the Houghtelings enjoy many rewards, but the friendships they’ve made are top of the list. They’re also blessed with the ability to give back. They purchase and donate VitaMeal through Nu Skin’s Nourish the Children initiative.