Lang & Jean Chou

Lang Chou came to the United States in 1971 to study physics in graduate school, and became an instructor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. While teaching and conducting research, he also worked on his PhD dissertation and did some real estate investing. When the real estate market deflated in the late 80s, they wanted to find a way to supplement their retirement fund. A friend introduced them to Nu Skin, and Lang carefully researched the company, its products, and the business model.


Lang and Jean could see that Nu Skin offered them the perfect financial vehicle for meeting their retirement goals. They also wanted time freedom for themselves and their family, and knew once they found it that they could help others achieve the same lifestyle. For Lang and Jean, attitude is more important than anything else when it comes to building a successful business. They always try to determine what new distributors want in life, and then design a road map that helps them get there. Even though they have achieved significant rewards from their years in the business, they continue to recruit because they want to help young people reach the success they enjoy.


Success was evident to Lang and Jean early in their career because they could see that people wanted the products Nu Skin offered. They knew the company would be successful, and they wanted to be part of that success. Through perseverance and by focusing on their goals, they achieved success. “You can never control what comes to you in life, although you can control how you deal with it,” Lang says.


Thanks to their Nu Skin business, Lang and Jean are able to support Nu Skin’s mission of improving lives, which they do through their own private foundation, the Pacific Charitable Trust.  Truly, they love and live a Nu Skin life!