Jeff & Miyako Gledhill

Jeff and Miyako Gledhill had serious concerns about their future when they discovered Nu Skin in 1989. Both were working in New York City as office managers, and they were living in a two-bed apartment in New Jersey that gave them a one-hour commute each way every day. Miyako felt Nu Skin could give her the opportunity to earn extra income each month to afford extras like violin and dance lessons for their three small children. She took “massive action,” and when her first commission check exceeded what she had hoped to earn, she and Jeff reassessed what Nu Skin could do for them. In April 1993 Jeff quit his job to join Miyako full-time in building their business.


Jeff and Miyako set their sights on reaching Blue Diamond, and told their children there would be no vacations until they hit this title. But when they did, they were going to Disneyworld. They have been able to go on many family vacations! The Gledhills remain active in their business with one-on-one coaching, weekly conference calls, monthly training meetings, webinars, and e-mailing to their team members. “We set the standard for our group—attending events, heavy product usage, fearless sponsoring,” says the couple. They believe great leaders must never ask those they are leading to do something they have not done or are not willing to do.


Today, the Gledhills enjoy being “liberated from the rat race,” and they work hard to help others fulfill their dreams as they promote an attitude of abundance and freedom. They also act as a force for good by being NTC Chief Ambassadors and being The Difference. Demonstrated.