Jeff & Liz Mack

As longtime Team Elite Executives, Jeff and Liz Mack know what is truly important in life. Over the years, their “why” has changed, but there are certain key elements to their success that have remained steadfast:  taking action and working hard; practicing humility and grounded leadership; attracting like-minded people; and remembering that this business is not about you—it’s about serving others. 


When Jeff joined Nu Skin, his “why” was purely financial. A personal upheaval had made it clear he needed to break through the limiting “zero leverage” most jobs offered.  He set his sights on reaching Blue Diamond, took action and soon discovered he was more capable than he thought as his rewards steadily increased.  He also learned that setbacks are a fact of life, and maintaining a strong resolve that surpasses your challenges is vital to your success. Plus, he realized your financial success should never alter your values.


Nu Skin has completely redesigned the Macks’ lives. Jeff believes opportunity usually only knocks once, and if you don’t rearrange your life to take advantage of this opportunity, it will pass you buy. “All the business cares about is if you are willing to give it your best and never hide behind the excuses that eliminate people from their ultimate success,” says Jeff.  “That is the difference between success and failure as a Nu Skin distributor.”


Today, Jeff and Liz live a comfortable life in their Mapleton, Utah, home and enjoy time with their four children.  Jeff likes to tell people that a person’s future is a reflection of how he or she handles the present situation. The Macks’ commitment to their early goals has given them the success they envisioned, and now, thanks to their Nu Skin business, their “why” is all about  giving back to others.