Ted & Eileen Williams & Kirk & Grace Dulaney

Eileen Williams had a corporate background working with technology companies in San Diego prior to joining Nu Skin. She was attracted to the business since she was also raising her growing family, and she found it difficult to spend as much time at home as she wanted. As a human resources consultant, she was excited by the trend in the workplace where more and more people wanted control over their lives and careers. She made a list of 200 names and called people every day.


Eileen’s passion is helping people from many cultures realize they can “own” their life and take control of their future. She wants to create a legacy for her family and pass the business on to her children. She mentors her daughter and wants to help the next generation learn how they can successfully own their lives. Along with her husband, Ted, she is committed to building her global team and passing the torch of leadership to others.


Grace and Kirk Dulaney are partners with Eileen and Ted. Grace has known Eileen since they were freshmen in college. Eileen was the first person Grace called when she joined the business. Grace had put her dream of having an international business aside when, as a single mother of three, she opened a day care center in her home. She felt Nu Skin could give her the time and financial freedom she wanted while raising her children. She set a goal of reaching Blue Diamond and called prospects during the children’s nap time. She met her husband, Kirk, when he became one of her first level Executives.


Both couples are still actively building their organization, with Grace concentrating on growing their teams in Latin America and Eileen always leading by example. “I show others it can be done,” says Eileen.