Dr. Stephen & Nicole Moore

Careers have a way of going in new, unexpected directions. That is just what happened to Dr. Stephen Moore as he was preparing for his national board exams to be a chiropractor. He initially joined Nu Skin to make enough money to pay his bills while he was studying. That quickly changed, however, when he fully grasped the earning potential Nu Skin offered. He then realized he could have a rewarding lifestyle that included financial freedom while helping other people improve their own health, prosperity, and lifestyle.


Stephen began building his organization immediately so he could eventually devote full-time efforts to his Nu Skin business. He admits to having his share of fear and doubt along the way, since he had chosen Nu Skin over becoming a practicing chiropractor. He says his upline coached and supported him, showing him the benefits of teamwork. “I have an amazing organization that makes me look better than I am,” he says. He also credits Nu Skin for teaching him about leadership and personal development. Since the business is about duplication, he feels it is critical to lead by example. “Duplication will happen in a positive or negative way,” he states. That’s why he always makes a point to follow and teach six essential daily actions: 1) Use the products, 2) Share the products with everyone, 3) Share the business with everyone, 4) Promote and attend events, 5) Help people get started, and 6) Invest daily in personal growth.


As Stephen and his wife, Nicole, continue to build their business, Stephen feels a successful distributor must be passionate about helping people, and he and Nicole help to improve lives by purchasing and donating Vitameal through the Nourish the Children initiative. They say, “Nu Skin allows us the freedom to enjoy raising our son and allows us to be there for those priceless moments”.