Cindy Watts

One decision can make a big difference in your life—a fact Cindy Watts from New York City understands very well. Cindy was a stay-at-home mom to her and her then husband’s children when a cousin introduced them to Nu Skin. A very successful business owner, Cindy’s husband saw the potential Nu Skin offered and urged Cindy to become a distributor. And for that advice, Cindy says, she will always be grateful. Their initial “why” was to replace Cindy’s husband’s income at the time, reduce the stress caused by his business, and give them more time together. Eventually her husband joined her full-time in the business.


Cindy wasted no time getting started; she simply picked up the phone and “invited like crazy” because she wanted to share her vision of what Nu Skin could do for her and her family. Cindy says they received inspiration from many, including people in their sidelines. “Our sidelines inspired us by their willingness to reach out and help and share their tools, and they taught us the adage, ‘A rising tide raises all ships,’” she says.


Although Cindy and her husband are now divorced, she continues to build her business. Her Nu Skin organization is like family, and she feels this sense of “belonging” is very important. Cindy appreciates Nu Skin for many reasons, but she is most grateful she could take time off to care for her elderly parents. “I am now in a position to help so many people and various charities,” she says. “But what is most important to me is the fact I was given the gift of freedom to care for my parents for so many years when they needed me—that was one of the greatest blessings in my life, and it would not have been possible without Nu Skin.”