Brent & Virginia Bryson

Prior to joining Nu Skin, Brent and Virginia Bryson owned nine nationally-known sandwich franchises, three convenience stores, 27 rental properties, and had two children under the age of 5. Always an entrepreneur, Brent enjoyed making the most of an opportunity. With Nu Skin he saw a way to change his family’s lives—with a business that could give them both time and financial freedom. Brent says his initial motivation was “desperation and inspiration,” and he is still working on fulfilling his potential.


Growing checks motivated Brent and Virginia as they built their business. And even now, after many years of success, Brent listens to success stories every day and gains inspiration from other Team Elite Executives whom he admires. In fact, after his family, he says his relationships with people in Nu Skin are the best part of his life. To help people in his organization take action, he offers his CORE philosophy: Do 15 monthly presentations, be a 100 percent product user, acquire two new distributors each month who maintain 200 PSV ADR, Read, Listen, Attend, and be a Team Player.


Brent defines leadership as doing things today that others will not, so you can do what other can’t tomorrow. He surrounds himself with positive messages, attends company events, reads his goals, and avoids negative people and news. He believes success in Nu Skin is learned, not timing or luck. Thanks to Nu Skin, Brent says he is a more positive person—but still has room for improvement. His coolest moment so far? Watching Ten Million Dollar Circle pins being handed to a Team Elite Executives in his downline.


Brent and Virginia support Nourish the Children. They also support their church and help others fulfill their dreams.