Wen Chia Rosencrance

Wen, originally from Taiwan graduated from SUNY-Binghamton with a double Master's degree in Computer Science. Those who knew her well regarded her as a “super woman.” After college, she worked 60-70 hours a week working as the chief financial officer for a well-known corporation. She had absolutely no time for herself or her family. One day she found herself sick in bed due to exhaustion, and she wondered if sacrificing her health and her time with her family was really worth it. She dreamed of having a steady income plus time with her family.


In 1989 she was introduced to Nu Skin, and initially just became a product user. Soon, however, she saw that many of her friends were building successful Nu Skin businesses. She then realized that Nu Skin was the opportunity she had been seeking. And she also knew that if “they did it, so can I.” Motivated by this realization, she went to work, and eventually Wen experienced a “total transformation.” As she worked to build her business, she says she became more humble, sincere and no longer arrogant. She truly cared about the people around her, and how she could help them be successful. She also learned to motivate her team members, to lead and to inspire others by sharing with them the company’s force for good culture and mission. She leads her team with the motto: Success = Desire to succeed + Prompt action.


Wen believes that the highest achievement in life is to become selfless by truly finding yourself. She put her entire heart into helping others fulfill their dreams, and by doing so, she genuinely understands the meaning of Nu Skin real riches—“Real riches come from the freedom and purity of your heart,” she says.