Tomoki & Toyoko Kunieda

Nu Skin captured Tomoki Kunieda’s attention right away. He was a campus minister pursuing a doctorate in theology when he was introduced to the company, and he quickly saw the big picture of the business and the time and financial freedom network marketing offered. Since then, Tomoki has built his large team by continuing to sponsor, educate and demonstrate the opportunity Nu Skin offers. “I have learned to become a good businessman and I have learned a lot about people in every respect,” he says. “And Nu Skin is always there to support us every step of the way.”


Tomoki feels sharing the products and the business model work hand in hand, and that both can offer people the freedom to live life on their terms. He also believes distributors must keep a constant state of mind, even when hardships occur. “Never deviate from the dream and vision you first pictured in your mind,” he adds. His business has enhanced his life both financially and spirituality, and he has become stronger in character and more compassionate to others’ suffering. Today he has a new goal: to work hard to make Nu Skin the best and largest direct selling company in the world.