Paula & Mort Ehrlich

Paula and Mort Ehrlich from Miami Beach, Florida, were successful corporate executives who received many corporate perks but had no time to enjoy them. At the time they discovered Nu Skin, they had to live apart—Mort was working in New York and Paula was working in Miami. They assessed Nu Skin together, liked what they saw, and decided Paula should take the reins of their new business venture. Initially, she could only devote her lunch hour to the business. But soon Paula found a powerful “why” that she kept in sight: never having to wake up to an alarm clock again. The couple also wanted to live and work together, choose the people they worked with, “be there” for family and friends, give back to their community, and leave a legacy for their family.


After several years of consistent, dedicated effort, the Ehrlichs reached the Ruby level. Mort was able to leave his corporate job to work side-by-side with Paula, and they set a goal to reach the top level. Paula says, when she recruited her first executive several months after joining, her mindset was: “One down, 11 to go.” And when she achieved Ruby level, Paula says she, “felt free for the first time in 26 years.”


To be successful, the Ehrlichs believe you must have a “why” that is bigger than yourself, as well as a true passion for what you are doing. “Passion allows you to respond to setbacks rather than react to them,” they say. They also believe greed must never compromise your principles, and having fun is essential as you build your business.


Today, Paula and Mort are proud Ambassadors of Nourish the Children, and they love telling new distributors that Nu Skin has the ability to change their lives in ways they cannot even imagine.