Nathan & Joyce Ricks

Nathan Ricks saw Nu Skin as a way to build a business that would ease his worry about paying bills. He was self-driven by a burning desire to make the business highly successful for him and his wife, Joyce, and their family. Inspired by those who kept marching toward Team Elite status in spite of any challenges, he focused on retailing product and recruiting—action he believes is just as important today. “You never stop recruiting … either for your own frontline or for your downline,” he advises. As his business grew, he learned that leaders provide vision and hope, and then work alongside their team members to make that vision a reality.


Nathan believes that success requires creating good habits. “You make a habit to do the business every day. Period. This gets you through the slow spots,” he says. He also believes the business is what you make it, as big or as small as you see it, and that it requires work. “Nu Skin is not the end in and of itself,” he says. “It is a means to an end, whatever that end is for you.” Nathan and Joyce continue to grow their organization by serving as examples of honest and pure principles every day.

Team Elite 20 Million Dollar Circle MemberTeam Elite 4 Star NTC Ambassador