Masayuki & Tamako Kishimoto

Masayuki and Tamako Kishimoto from Washington state joined Nu Skin because they wanted to be their “own boss” and control how they live their lives. They also wanted to build financial freedom—for the future as well as for today. Their first “why” was establishing the Kishimoto Family Foundation, a 501-3C nonprofit organization that helps people in need. When the Kishimotos began their business, they motivated themselves by meeting with successful distributors, listening and reading inspiring success stories and by assessing the daily actions they needed to take to be successful.


With each new title, the Kishimotos were ecstatic, and they continued to be inspired by those who helped them each step of their journey. The couple believes this is an ongoing feature inherent in the business that comes from the Nu Skin concept of caring for and sharing with each other. They learned the importance of demonstrating positive actions rather than just talking about them, and they say they have grown financially, spiritually, socially and philosophically. They also believe people must always create a dialogue with others and develop mutual understanding and in-depth trust when sponsoring new distributors. Masayuki and Tamako believe those who wish to be successful in the business must be confident in their own abilities and values and maintain a positive attitude.


The Kishimotos’ lives have changed dramatically thanks to Nu Skin. They went from followers to leaders, from receivers to givers and from being controlled in their lives to controlling their lifestyle. Most important, they became benevolent donors to those who are struggling. Through their foundation they have donated money to support over 50 charitable projects throughout the world. As they continue to grow their business they live and share this philosophy: “There is a time to earn and there is a time to give back in life.”