KP & Teresa Cheng

Teresa Chang of Vancouver, Washington, was working as a dental office manager when she decided to try Nu Skin in 1988. She saw Nu Skin as her chance to leave the everyday work grind with its limited future, and begin doing what she really liked: working with people. Teresa discovered that her friends wanted to care for themselves and look better, just like she did. They believed Teresa when she offered them quality products and a new career as a distributor. In fact, Teresa still feels a prospect must first believe in you as a person before you start working together to expand your organization.


Today, Teresa and her husband, K.P., work together. They see their business as a big family, which has given them life-long friendships with people all over the world. They have also benefited from what Teresa calls “life lessons.” For Teresa, building a successful business revolves around your ability to work with others. “You need to like people and make enough contacts to find the people who are best suited to your organization,” she says. She also advises distributors to not pay too much attention to setbacks that may occur, “instead, spend more of your time with positive people doing positive things.”


Although the Chengs have reached many of their goals, Teresa says they still choose to live a simple lifestyle. She points out three ways Nu Skin has benefited them: 1) they have achieved a level of financial freedom; 2) thanks to their Nu Skin income, they can try new investment ideas; and 3) they are able to help other people in need—something that has become a way of life for them now, thanks to their success in Nu Skin.