Dean & Katherine Nguyen


Dean and Katherine Nguyen from Raleigh, North Carolina, came to the United States from Vietnam in 1975 to start a new life. After getting degrees in business and computer science, they eventually worked in financial services for more than 20 years, but were looking for something different which Nu Skin was ultimately able to provide, when a friend introduced them to Nu Skin in 2009. Impressed with Nu Skin’s innovative, cutting-edge products, they began sharing their results with people every day. This belief in the quality of the products propelled them to success.


The Nguyens participate in daily conference calls and connect with many in their uplines, downlines, and sidelines to help them build their organization globally. They encourage their team members to use the products and share them every day. In addition to helping them grow their business, Dean and Katherine believe the products have improved their health and appearance. The Nguyens are also helping people in their Vietnamese community improve their lifestyle by introducing them to Nu Skin, and they stress that leadership is serving others. As they seek new team members, Dean and Katherine select people who share their values. “We seek quality, not quantity,” they say.  They also know it is important for them to stay focused and to remain motivated.


Dean and Katherine credit attending Team Elite University for giving them the confidence to build a successful business. Today, they have friends all over the world, especially in Vietnam, since Nu Skin’s opening there in 2012. They believe that Nu Skin is all about people—understanding others allows you to connect with them and help them reach their goals. Most of all, they encourage distributors to be a product of the product.