Dave & Coni Johnson

Coni Johnson from Reno, Nevada, is quick to tell you how incredibly blessed she feels she and her husband, Dave, were the day they were introduced to Nu Skin. It is a blessing that continues today even though Dave passed away in 2009. Coni remains a passionate Team Elite Executive who is active in the business along with the couple’s three children, David, Stanford and Heidi, who are continuing the legacy begun by their parents in 1987.


The Johnsons’ Nu Skin journey had a serendipitous route since Dave first met one of the couple’s most successful team members, Betty Sung, a year before he joined Nu Skin. As a member of the National Speakers Association of America, Dave had sold Betty a goal setting course he had developed. A year later, after Dave had joined Nu Skin, he sponsored Betty.


Dave and Coni built a strong team in Asia because they so greatly admired the Asian culture. They were able to reach Hawaiian Blue Diamond (currently Team Elite), a title they have retained for over 20 years. For Coni, success means living your life so people want to be like you, and always putting others first. She also emphasizes the importance of sponsoring people who share your values, and letting them know that by joining Nu Skin they are aligning themselves with integrity, products and value “bar none.”


Coni enjoys a wonderful lifestyle because of the business she and Dave created—and loved. “Dave had such a love for the business,” says Coni. “On his deathbed he was doing conference calls … he could hardly talk or breathe, but he did not waiver.” Coni believes others can experience amazing rewards themselves by heeding this advice from John C. Maxwell: “Leaders don’t go it alone.  Leaders take people with them on their journey.”