Jim & Clara McDermott

As one of Nu Skin’s first distributors, Clara McDermott wanted to know a few important things before putting her name and integrity “on the line” with the company. First, Clara wanted to know if Nu Skin’s commitment to the long-term success of the business was the company’s number one priority. Second, was the company committed to providing its distributors with quality products delivered on time? Third, would distributors receive their checks on time and would they always clear the bank? And finally, could Nu Skin maintain accurate records to track distributors’ international organizations?


Today, Clara is proud to say that Nu Skin never let her or any distributors down when it came to these issues. The founders always kept their promises. Clara believes that when you feel confident the company will support your efforts, your next step is to work with your sponsor to set your own personal goals. “Nu Skin is not a ‘get rich quick scheme,’” Clara points out. “It is a work program that offers unlimited rewards for your efforts.”


With years of experience behind her, Clara offers some words of wisdom. First, Nu Skin is a people business and “you must like people more than money.” To her, leadership means knowing that your success is only as great as the effort you make to help your team members grow and become independent. Being grateful—to everyone—is also important to Clara, as well as sponsoring people who see the vision of the opportunity. In addition, she urges distributors to have fun and be positive and always maintain their, and the company’s, integrity.


For Clara and her husband, Jim, Nu Skin has taken them on an incredible journey, and it is a journey she believes anyone can pursue. “Be patient with yourself and others, but commit—and never ever give up,” she adds.