Ching Ping Wang

Ching-Ping Wang grew up in Taiwan and came to the United States to attend graduate school. Here she received her Ph.D., had articles published in over 60 journals, and conducted extensive research in many areas of theoretical condensed matter physics. When she joined Nu Skin in 1988 she was an associate professor at the University of Maryland. Curiosity about one product was the initial reason Ching-Ping joined the company. She began using the products, investigating the company, and studying the business model, all of which gave her the confidence to build a large business. As she became familiar with the company, she was inspired by both field and company leaders and the training and support they offered. Ching-Ping believes sharing Nu Skin must be guided by enthusiasm that “comes from your heart” and “results that are written all over your body.” She compares building a Nu Skin business to raising a family, since it takes caring, concern for the needs and dreams of others, and patience.


In addition to the financial and time freedom Nu Skin has given her, Ching-Ping is grateful for the results the products have provided now that she is over 60. “I really do not want to think about how I would have aged without Nu Skin products all these years,” she says. Ching-Ping appreciates the many friendships she has created through Nu Skin, and the way her business has made her more confident and happy, wiser, and stronger.  It has also made serving as a force for good her life’s purpose. She says the business broadened her understanding of human nature, and she focuses on surrounding herself with people who share her values and belief in both life and in business as she continues to retail, sponsor, train, and support her team members.