Buz & Maureen Kroner

Buz Kroner is no stranger to hard work. In fact, before he joined Nu Skin he spent 80 to 100 hours a week on the road managing his 18 restaurants in South Texas. He hated hearing about his children’s activities from a hotel room phone. When he and Maureen joined Nu Skin, they shared the same compelling “why”: getting Buz into a career that would allow him to be home with his family.


As a Nu Skin distributor, Buz decided that failure was not an option, and he plunged into the business by taking massive daily action. If he got discouraged, he revisited that compelling “why” to recharge himself. Maureen calls herself Buz’s first “dreamstealer” since she had doubts about her husband’s new career path. But she started using the products, fell in love with them, and when her friends began to notice a difference in how she looked, she quickly became motivated to share the products with others.


For the Kroners, one of the beauties of their Nu Skin business is how it has made them better people. “Through my growth with Nu Skin, I have become a better businessman, a better father, husband and friend,” says Buz. Maureen loves that is has given them the opportunity to work together.


When it comes to succeeding, the Kroners agree that you must never lose trust in yourself—“do what you promised yourself you were going to do,” advises Buz. Most of all, he adds, don’t give up.


Throughout their career, Buz has kept his priorities in order—what he calls his 5 F’s: 1. Faith. 2. Family. 3. Friends. 4. Fitness/health. 5. Finances. And Maureen chimes in with her own words of wisdom: “Be true to the company, be true to the products, be true to others and be true to yourself.”