Bill & Julie Toth

Bill and Julie Toth were Nu Skin distributors building individual businesses when they met on a Ruby trip. It was there, at a beautiful mountain resort, that they got to know one another and discovered that when you combine commitment with purpose, you end up with abundance. Later, as husband and wife, they realized that “Power is organized effort.” They planned and executed each step of building their business to reach and remain Team Elite Executives.


The Toths’ story actually begins with their previous professional success. Bill was a physician who had focused on sports injuries and neurology for nearly 12 years. Julie was a corporate buyer in retail who lived on airplanes and in hotels. Both worked hard to earn generous incomes, but never saw their families. For the Toths, Nu Skin offered a way to build both time and financial freedom through a vibrant organization they could manage from their home. Today, their “magnificent obsession” is helping their team members find their own rewards.


Bill and Julie believe success is guided by three factors: The first is commitment—to the people you’re working with, to the business and to your dreams. The second is Response- Ability, because everyone is learning every day. “By making regular connections with our team, we build love, trust and respect in our organization,” say Bill and Julie. The third is creating a family plan—first! “Rather than making life the reason you can’t do this business, make your life the reason you can and will do this business,” says Julie. The Toths also established a culture of accountability that has greatly contributed to their team’s success.


“We live a dream life and love this company more today than when we first started,” say Bill and Julie. “Our greatest power comes from being two passionate souls on a mission.”