Betty Sung

Betty Sung from Las Vegas, Nevada, came to the United States from Taiwan in 1972. She worked in many different professions, including operating her own business, before finding Nu Skin. She knew right away that its business model could give her the dignified lifestyle and time and financial freedom she wanted. During her second month as a distributor she attended Nu Skin’s 1988 convention, where she met the founders and “the world of Nu Skin,” which opened her eyes to what was possible. She knew then that she had found her home.


As Betty advanced in title, she became more and more excited about fulfilling her dreams. She quickly set her goal to reach Blue Diamond and did whatever it took to reach that goal. She also realized that success is 99 percent mindset and 1 percent skill. Therefore, she approached everything she did with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn from her mistakes. Her action pattern was simple and effective: learn, do, teach, and repeat.


Betty not only attained her goals, she went from an extremely shy person who had no clear life direction to an empowered woman who now empowers others. “I have gained so much wisdom about myself, people, values, and life,” she says. She’s also learned what makes a leader. “Leadership means doing what is right, not what is easy, which sometimes means going against the flow,” she adds. And when challenges occur, she has a four-step plan to handle them: 1) Face it, 2) Accept what has happened, 3) Handle it the best way you can, and 4) Let go and move on.


Betty believes wholeheartedly that people everywhere have the potential to be greater and better. And she is determined to empower people as she continues to share the company she loves with everyone she meets.