Tony & Anita Tate

Dr. Anita Tate from Atlanta, Georgia, says her defining moment in life came when she was staring at the ceiling waiting to undergo her third neck surgery. As a cosmetic restorative dentist with a focus on smile design and a practice in total wellness, she was always looking for ways to improve patient care and her own business opportunities. Although she enjoyed a busy, active lifestyle, she felt that something needed to change. She decided right then not to return to clinical dentistry.


Two weeks into her recovery, she was introduced to Pharmanex and the BioPhotonic Scanner. She immediately grasped the opportunity Nu Skin offered. Speed was important to Anita, and she was disappointed when she did not meet her own financial expectations. So she stopped recruiting and went to work for a dental manufacturer as a professional relations director. Though Anita wasn’t actively building her Nu Skin business during this time, people in her downline were still growing teams of their own, and continued selling the products to customers. “For two years, checks continued to come in” she says. “I learned the true meaning of leverage, and duplication.” Eventually she quit her job and devoted full-time effort to building her Nu Skin business.


Anita advises new distributors to “focus on your customers and front line executives instead of worrying about your own volume. Next, focus on your organization, your downline, building better teams, and becoming a better leader to empower others. It is then that you realize it was never about you, it is about what you can do for others.” Anita and her husband, Tony, feel they are just getting started with their Nu Skin business and encourage anyone with a vision of success to go for it. “We can’t wait to share the journey,” Anita says.