Tri-Phasic White® Night Cream

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Tri-Phasic White Night Cream

Discover a more brilliant skin tone while you sleep. Specially formulated Tri-Phasic White Night Cream features diacetyl boldine to help target the activation phase. By working to inhibit stress receptors, diacetyl boldine can be effective in blocking the activation of discoloration to reveal a more brilliant skin tone as you sleep.

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Product Details

  • Benefits

    Features diacetyl boldine, to target the activation phase of the skin discoloration process while you sleep.

  • Usage

    Use in the evening as the fourth step in the Tri-Phasic White System after applying Tri-Phasic White Essense. Apply liberally to face and neck. May also be applied to hands to help correct and prevent discoloration.

  • Ingredients

    Diacetyl boldine- has a structure that resembles the chemical makeup of stress mediators. This similarity helps inhibit the activation of discoloration.

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