Epoch Nave Nave Blend

Epoch Nave Nave Blend

Epoch Nave Nave is a blend of essential oils derived from plants that the indigenous people of the Pacific Islands and Southeast Asia believed to promote feelings of affection, connection, and bonding. Its island fragrance profile of ylang ylang, turmeric, jasmine, and bergamot makes it the perfect natural solution to apply topically in pursuit of enhancing relationships.

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Product Details

  • Ingredients

    •    Fractionated coconut oil
    •    Ylang ylang
    •    Turmeric
    •    Jasmine
    •    Bergamot

  • Usage

    Epoch Nave Nave is a ready-to-use blend designed for topical application on the skin.
    Sensitive Skin: People with a stronger sensitivity to essential oils may need to mix with Epoch Topical Blending Oil prior to application.