Nu Skin Travel Set II

Nu Skin Travel Set II

The Nu Skin Travel Set provides you with convenience on the go. This customizable carry-on option easily fits into luggage and can be reused. It is a clear one-quart toiletry bag that comes with three bottles and two jars.

Most travel bottles are made out of hard plastic. The Nu Skin travel tubes are soft yet durable and easy to squeeze to the last drop. Each tube has a wide opening that makes for fast filling and cleaning. One tube is clear, on gray, and one blue, so you can easily identify the contents of your bottle. They also feature a convenient suction cup that attaches to walls and allows you to have your hands free.

With this TSA compliant travel set you’ll experience a seamless transition through airport security. Eliminate stress while traveling and say goodbye to leaking. The Nu Skin Travel Set is the best solution for the smart traveler.

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