Success Story

Success Story

For Nu Skin distributor Kate Oh and her husband Daniel Oh things didn’t exactly go according to plan.


The plan: Work hard in school to become a dentist and a pharmacist, respectively.


Reality: A loss of a job for Daniel and the exciting news of a baby on the way.


“Our plans and thoughts for the future were slowly getting further away,” Kate said.


Enter Nu Skin and the 2011 Kickoff Meetings in Southern California.


“My husband first saw the Nu Skin vision and asked me what I thought about doing the Nu Skin business together,” Kate added. “I knew that Nu Skin was a great business, but I was always shy and thought this business wasn’t right for me, so I initially refused.”


Kate’s refusal to participate in the business at first didn’t deter Daniel from continuing to try to build a Nu Skin business. Daniel suggested that he and Kate travel to Utah, visit Nu Skin’s corporate headquarters, and participate in some of the trainings from a monthly fly-in.


“I was able to see the lifestyles of successful people and I wanted that in my own life,” Kate added.


Shortly after returning from the fly-in Kate decided to join Daniel in building a Nu Skin business and she devoted her time to making their business successful—attending Korean meetings in Los Angeles and setting goals with her sales support for achieving each pin title.


“Kate has worked extremely hard,” Korean Sales Manager David Jenkins said. “She set a goal to reach Ruby and hit that goal. And with that, she’ll now be attending the June Success Trip.”


For Kate, setting a goal and concentrating on achieving that goal helps mere words become reality and can turn seemingly foiled plans into real success.


“When my dreams come true, there can be hope to make other people’s dreams come true,” she added. “Helping others achieve their dreams is why I will continue to work hard and spread the word of the Nu Skin business.”