Shurli Massell



Throughout her professional career, Shurli Massell from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, has loved making people feel good. Prior to joining Nu Skin, she operated an esthetics business for 20 years. However, an injury to her wrist forced her to give up this work. When she experienced a half-face demo in 2008 and saw “the difference, demonstrated,” she knew she’d found a new career that could get her back on her feet. Today, her “why” has shifted to helping people everywhere find Nu Skin’s business opportunity, as well as its product that can help them look and feel better.


As a new distributor, Shurli quickly realized that the more lives she benefited, the more successful she would become. Her hard work paid off—she kept advancing in title and was named Woman Entrepreneur of the Year for Canada in 2010. She credits her upline with helping her to be accountable and for teaching her downline the importance of accountability. “I work with an incredible team of leaders who continue to mentor and inspire me,” she says.


Shurli is a big believer in attracting like-minded people to her business by putting forth positive energy that “expects” to attract such people. She is also “fearless” about asking people to share their concerns—from health and finances to lines and wrinkles. As she continues to build her customer base, she has found that leadership is open communication, as well as making people exceed their expectations while she serves as their audience and sounding board. And when adversity strikes, something she believes is just a fact of life, she goes back to the simplicity and success model Nu Skin teaches.


Today, Nu Skin has helped Shurli  improve her life and become the family she never had. And her success has enabled her to help others, including serving as an Ambassador for Nu Skin’s Nourish the Children initiative.




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