Phuong Le

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Phuong Le was born in Saigon, Vietnam, the youngest of nine children. Phuong’s mother was diagnosed with cancer before Phuong was born, and Phuong spent much of her youth at her mother’s side as she went in and out of hospitals—a situation that slowly depleted the family’s finances. In 1994 Phuong traveled with her parents and an older sister to Chicago, Illinois, in the hopes of finding a cure for her mother. However, the cancer had progressed to such a point that she passed away a month after they arrived.


Phuong and her sister decided to stay in the United States. They donated the money they had left that had been earmarked for treating their mother’s cancer to a Buddhist temple, then started building new lives in their adopted country—with no money and without knowing English. They struggled to survive, and worked hard during the day and went to school at night. Phuong was determined to become successful, just as her family had been in Vietnam. She earned a degree in accounting and eventually created three businesses.


For 10 years Phuong faced constant pressure to keep her businesses operating successfully. In May 2010 she was introduced to Nu Skin. She quickly grasped the power behind leveraged income, and that it could help her know that her provide for her son. Phuong “set aside her ego” and began building her world-wide Nu Skin business, carefully following her sponsor’s advice for finding new customers and growing her team. Phuong now enjoys her life as she fulfills her dream of brining happiness and good health to people around the world. She advises distributors to give up their egos, have a passion to succeed and be determined to change their lives by following Nu Skin’s proven formula for success.




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