Carla Hill

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Carla Hill describes herself as a “serial entrepreneur” who at age 23 made a list of everything she loved to do, and then set out to find a way to get paid for doing those activities. Her professional life was diverse over the years and included a medical aesthetics business that took a serious financial hit in 2009 due to the struggling economy. That same year, her 13-year-old daughter lost her father, leaving Carla as the sole provider—with college expenses looming on the horizon.


In August 2011 Carla was introduced to Nu Skin and quickly realized this was the business she had always hoped to find. “I came out of the chute with a burning desire and the hunger to make up for lost time,” she says. With total conviction and determination, she began to work hard for herself and her daughter. She also wanted to “hang out” with leaders and join them in making a difference around the world.


Carla’s upline team helped her tremendously when she first got started, vowing to match her energy as Carla built her organization of customers and distributors and advanced title by title. She soon learned to embrace the challenges she encountered. “So many people get a few ‘No’s’ and quit,” she says. “They stop believing in themselves because they don’t realize that their failures are just stepping stones, and no Team Elite gets to that level without falling and getting back up over and over.”


Carla believes she is just starting her journey with Nu Skin, and she is grateful for the rich and full life she and her daughter now enjoy. “Nu Skin has given me the platform to live my dreams and to help build a future for my family,” she says. “Look out, here I come … with gratitude in my heart and a fire in my belly!”

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