Yu Jia Yang & Zhong Wei Huang


Yu Jia Yang & Zhong Wei Huang


When Yu Jia Yang immigrated to Vancouver, she was completely out of her element. She knew very few people and was in the process of deciding what she wanted to do with her life. She decided to finish her education and hopefully expand her horizons. The long days of class and schoolwork took a toll on Yu Jia, and she began to realize that maybe she would fare better starting her own business. It was at this time that Yu Jia was introduced to the Nu Skin Facial Spa. “At the time, I was spending a lot of money on other products and could not find the right solution for my skin care problems. After using some of the Nu Skin products I knew almost immediately that these were the right answer for me.”

She then became interested in the opportunity and started researching the company. As Yu Jia continued to see positive results from the products, she saw the prospect of selling these products to others. Since she was still relatively new to both the city and to selling product, she struggled for quite a while. She decided that in order to succeed, she needed to reach out for help. That help came from Yu Jia’s upline. “I started to evaluate my position. I began talking to my leader more and more. I set goals for myself. I kept trying to find new ways to succeed. I think the key is, I never quit.”

Yu Jia still works hard to find new ways for her team to succeed and continues to be the leader her upline taught her to be. She is relentless in her goal setting and tries each day to improve. She is grateful for the opportunity Nu Skin allowed her to meet new friends and create a family. “Through Nu Skin I have met many of my closest friends and business partners. We spend a lot of time together learning and growing. I wonder sometimes where I would be without this product and opportunity.”