Yao Zou

Yao Zou


Yao Zou always dreamed of moving to the United States and pursuing a higher education in science, specifically physics. Upon achieving her dream and graduating with a Ph.D. in that field from the prestigious University of Southern California, she enjoyed successful careers in various world-class research centers, and later working as an engineer in Silicon Valley. After her 2nd child was born, she shifted her focus to her family and being a full-time mother. Despite her numerous successes and blissful life, Yao still felt there was something missing. “While I thoroughly enjoyed raising and educating my children, I knew deep down that my purpose in this life was not complete without contributing to my community at large and further developing personally.”

In her search for something more, Yao discovered the Nu Skin business, its anti-aging technology, and the revolutionary Biophotonic Scanner. Seeing the scanner as an application of the science she was familiar with, Yao was extremely excited by the opportunity and quickly enrolled.

Yao soon realized the impact and importance of being a “product of the product” and began leveraging her personal results with new customers and distributors. “I followed the system training provided by the company and our team, all the while using the products consistently. My own transformation has resulted in many followers and my confidence in the technology has allowed me to share it with potential prospects without hesitation.”

During her tenure as a distributor, Yao has found and cultivated the potential she knew she possessed all along. She beams about how Nu Skin helps her better herself as a mother, wife, and friend. “When there are setbacks and challenges, what keeps me going is the reward of growth and transformation that occurs through learning to serve, to influence, and to lead. To be successful by helping others is great motivation for me to be in this business.”

Moving forward, Yao looks to expand her organization by growing her customer base and recruiting likeminded executives. She has committed herself to a disciplined regimen of improving her product knowledge, furthering her coaching skills, and learning from her team’s leadership how to better manage her business. “I challenge myself daily to live up to the core leadership habits of the system and better align my endeavors with the company’s business cycles. In doing so, I know I will reach my goal and find greater satisfaction in my life.”