Yan Na Liang



A busy homemaker and mother of two children, Yan Na Liang was looking for better personal care products. When an old classmate from China suggested the Facial Spa, she was immediately interested. She began using the device and achieved fantastic results, but her friend never mentioned the business opportunity to her.


Time passed and Yan Na randomly met Blue Diamond Ting Chen online. She learned that Ting was working as a distributor for Nu Skin and doing quite well for herself. Recognizing the brand, Yan Na inquired further and eventually agreed to sign up – despite the two of them being separated across the country. Having her first job in the United States, Yan Na took great pride in this chance to earn additional income for her family and have greater opportunity for her favorite past time - traveling with her family.


Yan Na quickly completed her qualification for Executive status. Surprised by her success, she began focusing her efforts on qualifying for the upcoming Success Trip. She wanted to see if she could push herself beyond what she thought was achievable. With discipline and great effort, Yan Na found customers, built a team, became a Ruby and accomplished her goal. “I remember how distant that goal seemed when I first set it. But through the process of becoming a Ruby Executive, I began to learn how to lead my team and master the fundamentals of the business. There’s no better experience for growth than jumping in and going for it. Getting to bring my family with me on the trip is just the icing on the cake!”


Perhaps the greatest transformation that has occurred through her journey along the Roadmap to Success has been the understanding she has gained of her own potential. “Prior to joining Nu Skin, I was content with being a housewife, without any career ambitions. By participating in the opportunity, I discovered there was an entire world out there, full of people who were just waiting to improve their lives and that I could play a critical role in that. Rapidly, my goals for myself and my family expanded beyond my wildest dreams. My life is now bustling with activity and my family has changed for the better because of my newfound passion and profession.”


Having become a Diamond herself, Yan Na is engaged in qualification for Team Elite status and is earnestly working to help her team advance in title as well. Her success is centered in her concern for others, as she shares “I seek to share everything that I have learned and gained from this business with my friends and contacts. In helping them find their dream and attain success, my life grows fuller and richer with purpose.”