Vu Pham & Anh Nguyet Nguyen

Vu Pham & Anh Nguyet Nguyen


Vu Pham and Anh Nguyet Nguyen came to the United States in the mid-nineties looking for an opportunity to improve their lives and the lives of their children. Both began successful careers in very different vocations, with Vu pursuing engineering while Anh owned a restaurant and nail salon. Although happy with their life, they were never content in settling and were constantly looking for exciting opportunities.

After being introduced to the Nu Skin products, Vu and Anh immediately saw the value of marketing high quality product to their circle of influence. They began as product consumers, then transitioned to working on the business opportunity. Vu and Anh began with a desire to succeed, knowing that all things come with a cost. “Success only comes when we know what we want and how much it takes to get there. We pay the price long before we see the success. We always believed that if you can work hard enough and smart enough, your efforts will bear fruit.”

As Vu and Anh continue to learn and grow they work on setting achievable goals that allow them to develop into leaders. For them, motivation comes from the desire to see their team progress and become strong leaders that set themselves apart. “Since we joined Nu Skin, we have gained more confidence in ourselves and in our ability to motivate people. As we help others we see ourselves learning and growing at the same time.”