Vincent Wang

Vincent Wang


While enrolled at the University of British Columbia, Vincent Wang began his higher education majoring in economics to prepare him for taking over his family’s business in China. Looking to find a part-time job to supplement his income during his schooling, he eagerly sought any possible position.


With resume in hand, Vincent fervently began scouring neighborhood businesses to secure some measure of employment! In between interviews at local restaurants, Vincent came across an old friend who told him that he should study the business opportunity from Nu Skin.


Inspired to take a different path, and to have the chance to work hard to develop his own venture, and thrive both personally and financially, Vincent was determined to master the nuances of Nu Skin’s anti-aging business. When he initially approached his immediate circle of friends and contacts, he experienced limited success. Unfazed by these results, Vincent took to electronic communications and social media. This approach, coupled with traditional strategies taught by his up line, allowed Vincent to build confidence, employ modern techniques for direct marketing, and meet new people. Success began to unfold as he constructed a solid customer base and a firm business network, while boosting his morale and self-esteem.


Now assured and successful, Vincent Wang has found an opportunity far more rewarding than his original goal of waiting tables. As a new Blue Diamond, Vincent is teaching his life lessons of determination, faith, and product sales to a new generation of leaders in North America. His testimony concerning the power of belief in one’s dream daily inspires new distributors. He asserts “joining Nu Skin was the most important decision I have ever made. Each obstacle reaffirms my choice and presents a chance to prove to myself that I can accomplish anything!”