Troy Holzer



Troy Holzer learned from his father at an early age that the key to success in life requires hard work and leveraging one’s efforts and time. With this wisdom firmly in mind, Troy began a series of ventures while attending university to begin building his business portfolio and ultimately to leverage his earning power. Through rental properties and working for an insurance agency, he believed he was on the path to abundance.


However, Troy soon discovered that his efforts, while rewarding, proved too costly in other ways – all of his spare time was consumed in managing his properties and customers. Several years later, he was introduced to direct selling by Team Elite, Kenton Worthington. Initially skeptical, Troy began a period of diligent study for eight months before agreeing to invest in this new opportunity. The final selling point was access to the new market opening of Vietnam, which Troy believed was critical to building an international business immediately.


It wasn’t long after that Troy made the decision to really focus his attention and energies on his Nu Skin organization. The power of independently running his own business rather than building someone else’s  proved to be the motivating factor to jump all in. “While the income was stable, the problem remained that I was ultimately an employee of someone else and I had no personal ownership in the clientele I created and built. Nu Skin offered a better path.”


The difference in success, Troy believes, is demonstrated in one’s commitment to the team. By dedicating himself from the beginning to travel to, invest his time in, and build his Vietnamese partners, Troy is proving his devotion to his organization with meaningful action.  “I try with each interaction to show that having integrity and doing what is right is the correct way to build a long-term successful business.  I demonstrate that I am willing to work as hard, or harder, than anyone who’s part of our team. It’s really quite simple - be consistent, show up, and do what you say you’re going to do.


Currently striving toward his goals of achieving Team Elite and Team Elite Platinum titles, Troy is not only working hard, but incorporating the experience of his accomplished up line leaders. With their guidance, Troy is confident that it he will make his childhood dreams become reality.