Teri McCall

Teri McCall


Teri McCall has seen it all. From owning a Merle Norman Studio, teaching modeling, owning a travel agency, working in television, and working in real estate, Teri has enjoyed quite the expansive career. The real estate industry proved particularly lucrative at the outset, but when the U.S. economic recession began, her long-term plans and income stream changed dramatically.


As she was struggling during the financial crisis, a former real estate associate reached out to Teri and invited her to learn more about Nu Skin. At first she was extremely skeptical of the direct selling business model and her friend – this opportunity sounded too good to be true! While she didn’t initially sign up for the business, Teri agreed to try out the products and start from there. Her experience was transformative and she was quickly impressed by the exceptional formulation of Nu Skin’s products. What sealed the deal for Teri was recognizing that the anti-aging industry was booming, much like the real estate industry previously had. The only difference was that this was a market that seemed likely to remain robust, as people will always seek to live, look, and feel younger.


When she travelled to a group meeting in Provo, Utah, Teri met many of her leaders for the first time in the flesh. She was overcome by the sincerity and character of her up line, and was moved by their commitment to their ideals and their willingness to display them publically. No longer just her team, these individuals constitute her Nu Skin family and she is crazy for them “This company and my family are truly blessed!”


Her counsel to those starting or still building their business is to use the great support system you already have – your team. By staying disciplined, following the guidance of leaders, retailing the product, and staying tuned into conference calls, you too can experience success and accomplish your dreams.