Syceil Xi Qian Zhang

Syceil Xi Qian Zhang


Syceil Xi Qian Zhang is a big believer in the power of testimonials. Working as a financial consultant at a large bank in Canada, she was impressed by the testimonial of one particular client when discussing the Nu Skin spa. After using the spa and becoming a customer, she began sharing her results with friends on Facebook. The attention she received, and the power of her own testimonial led her to inquire about the business opportunity. “Without a doubt, by using the product myself, I was able to better relate to my prospective customers. Friends, family, or strangers; it doesn’t matter. Everyone has a need, and as distributors our goal is to fill that need. “


Syceil realizes the difficulties inherent with working a full time job and selling the Nu Skin products and opportunity at the same time. She feels that it has been a challenging but rewarding experience. Syceil is also persuaded that by attending her first Success Trip, she came home more motivated than ever. “In my mind, my first real success came with attending the Success Trip. It convinced me that the decision I made was the right one.”


Now with a growing organization to look after, Syceil continues to stick to the basics of marketing and selling products while offering the opportunity to those open for a change. “I want to share products that people will enjoy and want to share with others. The success of my team is the result and reflection of the training I provide to them. I hope to continue to help others succeed in life.”