Rachel Wenjuan Hou

Rachel Wenjuan Hou


With a sales and marketing background, Rachel Wenjuan Hou was excited when she moved to Canada and opened her retail store in the heart of Toronto. She found success early on and was excited at the prospect of growing her business. However, with the rise of e-commerce she soon found herself working longer hours in order to keep up. Though it was what she loved to do, Rachel eventually had to close the business after her second child was born. “Along with the mixed feelings of relief and sadness, I believe it was the right thing to do.”


It was at this moment when another opportunity presented itself to Rachel and her family. As she was caring for her youngest child, she received a message from a friend, inviting her to try the Nu Skin spa. Rachel loved the product, and with her sales background immediately saw the potential of the opportunity. By using the product, Rachel felt like she was her own marketing. Her friends and family commented on the transformational changes they saw, and Rachel began to see success from selling the product. The goals she set at the beginning of her journey were simple and meaningful. “When I started, my dream was to be able to spend quality time with my family. As my children grow, I want their eyes to open to the great and wonderful world. This is what motivates me to work hard.”


Rachel has overcome obstacles with a positive attitude because of the joy she receives when helping others solve their problems. By offering specific products to their needs, Rachel has been able to share the love she feels at Nu Skin. For those needing advice on how to achieve success, Rachel has some inspiring words. “Life is full of joy and obstacles. I’m a true believer that success is built on failures and lessons. My life experience has taught me not to count on unrealistic expectations, but to work my way to overcome obstacles.”