Natalia Ramirez & Ricky Diaz

Natalia Ramirez & Ricky Diaz


With impressive résumés ranging from professional tennis, real estate broker, and financial advisor for Ricky Diaz, to 37 years in the entertainment industry specializing in singing and acting for Natalia Ramirez, Natalia and Ricky have both had their fair share of the spotlight. Satisfied with both of their careers, it did not seem as though Natalia and Ricky were looking for a new opportunity in their journey.


However, at the request of the director of her Colombian soap opera, Natalia was invited to attend a business opportunity meeting. She attended, but since she was not looking to start a new business venture, she found herself leaving the meeting thinking multi-level marketing was not the opportunity she wanted. The following day Natalia was given a second chance and was invited to listen to an individual presentation with a high-ranking distributor. Again, she agreed to attend, but this time something was different. “As I listened to the presentation this time, I finally understood how the business was to be built. I then signed up and moved forward from there.”


Initial hesitation worried Natalia as to who her first prospect would be. Natalia contemplated inviting her sister to join the business, but was nervous that she would decline her invitation. Going out of her comfort zone turned out to be exactly what Natalia needed. To her surprise, her sister immediately joined Nu Skin and has become one of Natalia’s strongest lines. “One of the greatest lessons I have learned during my time with Nu Skin is to never underestimate anyone’s potential.”


Today, Natalia and Ricky have grown their organization of customers and distributors, including four strong lines. “Our first success came from the recognition we received at the Success Summit when we were presented on stage as new Ruby Executives. This confirmed to us that we had implemented successful strategies to build a new organization with a solid foundation that would last while providing us the opportunity to change other people’s lives.”


With dreams as their driving force, Natalia and Ricky intend to work on the fundamentals of the business. As their sights are set on achieving Diamond Executive, Natalia and Ricky have made hard work, dedication, and perseverance their daily routine. “Our secret to success is our belief in ourselves, the company, the products, and our perseverance to help and change many lives worldwide.”